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Function, advantages and benefits


The Ferlitsch-HVPG-Catheter is an innovative liver vein balloon occlusion catheter to process HVPG measurement in an easy and safe way. The new catheter is specially designed to the clinical needs of modern hepatologic practise. High cannulation rates enable experts but especially novices in this method reduced examination and fluoroscopy time, less need for extra equipment like guide wires or additional catheters. Because of the steel mandrin and the radiopaque platin ring at the distal end the use of contrast agent can be reduced or even omitted.

Ferlitsch-HVPG Catheter Foto 3a.jpg
Bild Roentgen Ferlitsch-Katheter web.jpg
  • Specially designed according to modern clinical needs

  • Simple and safe measurement

  • Fast and easy access to the liver vein

  • Reduction of examination and fluoroscopy time

  • Reduction of contrast agent and extra equipment

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