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How does it work?

Our mission: To provide you the optimal HVPG-Catheter

THE HVPG-Catheter

The Ferlitsch-HVPG-Catheter is the first and only medical device which is especially designed to perform HVPG measurement in modern clinical routine. We have developed, modified and tested the device together with our clinical partners over many years.

For different levels of expertise

The Ferlitsch-HVPG-Catheter is perfect for all different levels of expertise in HVPG measurement. From Novice to Expert as confirmed in our study published in Liver International 2015. It’s the perfect medical device to learn HVPG-measurement from scratch to overcome the initial clinical challenges of the procedure.

Scientifically proven

The Ferlitsch-HVPG-Catheter is the only medical device which has been clinically tested for HVPG measurement with high numbers of direct liver vein cannulation, saving measurement and radiation time and the need for extra equipment like guide wires.

Tailored to your needs

We provide you the ideal Ferlitsch-HVPG-Catheter for different expert levels, techniques, different patient physiologies and for different  procedures (isolated and combined).

For whom?

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Ambitious Hepatologist
in Training

interested to learn and perform HVPG-measurement state-of-the-art


Program Director Hepatology

interested to implement HVPG- measurement state-of-the-art into his/her department


Experienced Hepatology Clinician and Researcher

with great clinical and/or

scientific expertise in HVPG-measurement to support HVPG based investigations and studies

Let's help you
to process HVPG-measurement state-of-the-art!

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